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Last Week's Workouts

Let’s talk workouts. Cause like. Let’s be honest. Its one of the best parts of life.

Lately I have been super motivated about working out and racing. Last Wednesday I got a spot in the Brooklyn Half Marathon and now I am totally obsessed with running a speedy and injury free half marathon. After a super disappointing half last fall, I'm so ready to rock this spring!

When racing and running is my main focus, I worry less about calories and more about eating enough protein to recover, eating enough vegetables to get nutrient density ON FLEEK, and timing meals so I can crush my workouts. If you need help strategizing your Spring Training Nutrition, sign up for my newsletter for a free eBook all about hydrating and fueling for exercise!!


Monday -

Off Day since I had worked out pretty intensely over the weekend.

Tuesday -

8 x 200 meters (5:30min/mi pace) with 200 meter active recovery between. I also slowly ran an additional mile afterwards to make this a clean 3.5 mile run.

Since I’m also working on booty strength this season, I followed this workout with squats. Now here’s the thang. Its key to keep your form in check when you’re squatting to prevent injury! So if you’re squatting after an exhausting workout (ie. sprints!), then its important that you go light on the weight so you do not compromise your form!

After sprints I did some booty work:

10 x 40lb wide stance squats (which focuses more on glutes than hamstrings)

8x 90lb wide stance squats

and 3 sets of 6x 90lb wide stance squats

Hip Thrusters with a band:

3 sets of 75lbs x15

Body Weight Lunges:

3 sets of 12 per leg

Followed by foam rolling like a champ!

Wednesday: Rolling Hills at sub-8 pace which felt pretty exhausting because my legs were tired from Thursday’s workout! This is a great workout because it simultaneously works on strengthening tired legs (to prepare for pushing through fatigue on race day) and builds your booty on those hills!


Whenever possible, I take the amazing circuit based workout class given by Chris at Body Elite on Thursday evenings. This workout always combines high intensity intervals, lifting, sprinting, burpees and every other form of torture to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping.

This week we focused on TRX and barbell movements. TRX is FREAKING HARD. Its funny because its the type of exercise that I would never expect to be challenging, but its always shockingly difficult and unpleasant to endure!


I was all about that speed! I did four miles at descending pace.

7:45 min/mi

7:30 min/mi

7:00 min/mi

6:30 min/mi

This killed me.

Saturday: Took the day off although I did a fair amount of walking and exploring my beautiful neighborhood.

Sunday: I did a 6.5 mile fasted hilly route around Sunset Park & Prospect Park SW. It was chilly but it felt great to be outside in the crisp, winter morning listening to some slow music and trying to conquer the hills of BK. I definitely need to work on running hills this training season because this felt way harder than I expected (granted, I think my legs were also tired from a hard week of training!).

What are your goals right now? Are you training for anything?!

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