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Real Food Runner's eMeal Plan

Last night was the Front Runner's NY Indoor Track Meet at the Armory in Washington Heights. It was SO fun. I cannot tell you how freakin' much I love running at the Armory. Its just this overwhelmingly awesome space filled with runners and loud music and ethusiastic, competitive people. I can't get enough of it!

I ran the 1500m and a 200 of the sprint medley. The whole thing was about fun and comradry rather than speed... so it was nice to have such a fun, short race for my hot Friday night plans!

Anyway, running a nighttime race is always a bit daunting. The whole day you're worried whether you've eaten the wrong thing that will derail your race... or if you have consumed too much water ... or too little water... the list goes on!

Because I know runners just wanna run rather than worry about fueling... I'm creating a fun little eMeal Plan for all ya'll.

Want a month worth of recipes that are created uniquely for runners? Foods that contain properties that BOOST performance? Enough protein to ENHANCE recovery? Hydration strategies? Ideas for fueling?

Well, of course ya do!

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