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3 signs you aren't eating enough

If any of these tips ring a bell its okay! There is so much misinformation about how to fuel your runner body! It's time to cut through the confusion and figure out how to fuel like the athlete you are meant to be!

Tip #1

If you are thinking about food non stop, all the time. You are constantly hungry and obsessing over what you are going to eat next. That is a sign your body is not getting enough food. Your brain should have more space to think of things other than food and hunger.

Tip #2

If you are noticing sugar cravings, where you feel out of control around food. That is your body trying to tell you that you are not getting enough carbohydrates and that you are not getting enough energy. Or you're not timing your pre-, mid & or post- workout nutrition correctly.

Tip #3

The last tip is energy. If you are so tired all the time and or your legs feel heavy and your body is sore, this could be a sign you are not eating enough. It is not normal to feel tired all of the time.

*of note, the signs listed above are not always 100% of the time due to energy imbalance. This is for general informational purposes only and only if I speak 1:1 with you I will better be able to get an idea of what's going on.

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