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After Whole30


Okay, guys. So ya did a thing. You completed Whole 30.

I'm proud of you. I'm proud that you cut sugar out yo' life for 30 days, learned how to read labels and stopped and thought twice before mindlessly eating cookies just because they were there.

Listen up. Home girl is PROUD OF YOU.

But now's the moment of truth. Its time to live life after Whole 30. And this isn't your usual post where I am going to try and make sure you keep almost-being-whole-30 after the fact.

No. Instead I want to tell you about the AWESOME benefits of some of the foods Whole 30 banned. Because guess what?? Life after Whole 30 does not have to just mean its WHOLE 30 or BUST (as in...bust open the potato chips, bust open the beers or bust open the candy).

Let's talk about my favorite.

legumes beans and lentils

Oh my gosh. I have to say. I really like Whole 30, but I also really dislike Whole 30. Because beans.

You guys, its SO ridiculous to me that Whole 30 eliminates legumes. Legumes are SO healthy for you. Legumes are loaded with fiber and resistant starch which decrease blood sugar to prevent diabetes, feed the healthy bugs in your colon, keep you fuller longer and GUYS THEY'RE JUST SO DAMN GOOD FOR YOU! Legumes are also linked to lower heart disease.

In fact, in these post-Whole 30 days, I want ya to give beans and lentils a REAL try. Are you one of those people who think legumes or beans are too gassy to eat??

Here's what ya gotta do if beans are too gassy for you. (See, this advice rhymes, so it must be true).

1. Slowly increase the amount of beans you eat. So. Tonight for dinner. Add 1/4 cup of beans to your plate and everyday stick to that 1/4 cup portion. Next week, increase to 1/2 cup a day. And the week after that, ya can try adding 1/4 cup to lunch and 1/2 a cup at dinner.

2. Add a little bit of lemon juice, citrus or vinegar to the meal. It can help with digestion.

3. Choose beans that have been slow cooked, pressure cooked or canned. The fibers are more broken down and they're easier to digest.

That's it. You can do those two dinky little things to make eating lots of beans possible. They're really delicious.

grassfed dairy

Which brings me to the other fave food of mine that Whole 30 bans. GRASSFED DAIRY!!!

Ah, ya guys, dairy protein is loaded with whey protein which is the MOST satiating protein out thurr. It keeps you fuller longer. And. Dairy protein as a bedtime snack was linked in studies to helping your body build muscle overnight while ya sleep.

Muscles being built while sleeping?? Guess what. That's the best thing ever.

Grass-fed dairy is different than dairy from cows that were not fed grass. I know that seems silly, but the meat and dairy produced by cow's fed the evolutionarily appropriate diet (grass, hay) has a totally different fat-composition. Its loaded with omega-3 fatty acids (similar fat to the "superfood" fat in salmon).

When adding back dairy after Whole 30, be sure to add back grassfed dairy and not the other stuff. Grassfed yogurt or hard cheeses are easier to digest and are a good place to start.

minimally processed grains

Here's the thing about grains.

Actually, first of all, grains - even the white bread kind - are REALLY NOT THAT BAD. Like, they ain't gona kill ya!! A slice of pizza, a hamburger bun... its fineeee.

But what sort of grains should you be stocking your shelves with at home?

Here's MY recommendation: Choose grains that have greater than 4 grams of fiber per serving and greater than 6 grams of protein per serving.

okay peeps thats it.

Sure. I'm not really a fan of ELIMINATING foods like candy or bread or pasta and placing ANYTHING off limits because I totally think it sets up a super unhealthy relationship with food...... BUT that was not the point of this post!



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