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Boost Metabolism & Stay Fuller Longer

Okay, peeps. You guys are some hungryyyy runners! So I wanted to talk about some of my top tips for building filling, satisfying meals.

1. Fiber

Fiber is filling. Found in whole grain products, vegetables and fruits – fiber slows digestion and keeps you fuller longer. When choosing whole grains, make sure there's at least 5 grams of fiber per serving. I think a lot of people needlessly freak out about choosing gluten free grains, when it actually would serve people better to focus on choosing high fiber grains (unless truly diagnosed with a gluten allergy).

My favorite high fiber foods include beans, edamame, Wasa crackers, GG Scandinavian Crackers, TJ’s Multi Seed Crackers, edamame, hemp seeds & other nuts/seeds, Silver Hill bread, Ezekiel Bread, grape nuts cereal, and TJ’s Multi Grain Low Carb Tortillas to name a few.

2. Protein

Protein slows digestion and blood sugar spikes to keep you fuller longer. Protein foods boost metabolism by boosting "muscle protein synthesis," and due to protein's metabolism, it is more difficult to store protein as fat. Of course, protein rich meats often also include fat, so its important when choosing protein foods that you choose high quality products. The fat in meat or dairy from commercial farms is often pro-inflammatory, while the fat in grass-fed meat or dairy helps to fight inflammation!

Examples include grass-fed Greek yogurt, chicken breast, organic ground meat, edamame, nutritional yeast, tofu/seitan, hemp seeds.

3. High Water Content Foods

Foods that have a lot of water also keep us fuller longer for fewer calories. Foods that have a lot of water tend to also contain a lot of phytochemicals and antioxidants which protect our cells from damage and reduce risk of heart disease. However, as runners and athletes, its important that we do not fill up "too much" on low calorie, water-rich foods, since we do need calorie dense foods to help us recover and heal from workouts.

Examples include veggies and fruits.


Here's a snack that combines the three principles above:

Metabolism Boosting Crunchy Crackers

4 Wasa crackers (high in fiber and protein)

½ cup cottage cheese (high in protein)

Cucumber slices (high in water and fiber)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Layer cottage cheese and cucumber slices on top of a Wasa cracker

Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.


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