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Collagen Cold Brew in Yo' Cup!

Collagen in my coffee because I’m tired and old so I need coffee, but I don’t want to look tired and old, ya feel?

I’m totally joking about being tired and old. In actuality, I think I have more energy than a lot of teenagers …but didn't that statement make the most perfect, dramatic, opening line!?!?

Seriously guys, when I read that daily collagen consumption helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles… I was allll about that ‘ish. There’s something about cremes (creams?) and serums and lotions that I just do not trust. I think its because I do not understand the world of beauty products AT ALL and have zero interest in learning.

But nutrition? Amino acids? Collagen formation? That’s my JAM.

The thing is, collagen is naturally found in an abundance of foods, but they’re not commonly consumed foods in the US. We tend to use bouillon instead of homemade bone broth, eat the muscle meat from animals rather than the collagenous, sinewy tendons and skip out on eating canned fish WITH THE BONES.

AND yeah, I’ve actually tried to eat canned salmon with the bones for the benefits of vitamin D and I just really cannot get myself to enjoy it. I think it’s the ONLY healthy food that I really give up on repeatedly trying until I develop a taste for it.

So what’s a collagen-less food eater to do?!?!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides mixes beautifully in both cold and hot brews. And, no, this is NOT a sponsored or compensated endorsement. Its just amazing!! With just a quick mix with a spoon, the collagen dissolves beautifully in my cup of caffeinated joy. Since I am drinking coffee pretty much every-single-dang-day of my whole life, it’s a pretty goodddd idea to build a habit around collagen + coffee, since collagen needs to be consumed regularly to reap the benefits.

Can I tell you my secret for making a perfect cup of collagen cold brew e’eryday?

I use a FRENCH PRESS. And this is not some new, trendy obsesion. My French Press has been a great-love-of-my-life for years now.

Here's the secret steps to making the best cold brew!

The key is to use coarsely ground coffee, a pinch of salt, and filtered water.

I like my coffee strong AF, so I add 3 heaping tablespoons to my press and a pinch of salt. I then fill it to the bottom line with cold, filtered water and let it sit in my fridge overnight.

In the morning I press it, pour it, and mix in my collagen. The collagen is flavorless, but it makes that magical brew a thousand times healthier for you!!

Simple as that!


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