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Dairy Free, Vegetarian High Protein Snacks

Eating more protein is always a good idea.

Protein keeps us fuller longer, protein helps us build muscle and recover quickly from workouts, protein stabilizes blood sugar and protein is REALLY good at keeping us lean.

Unfortunately, its reallyyy easy to munch all day on fatty and carb-rich foods, and a bit more difficult to eat a whole lotta protein. Where do we get protein? From meat, fish, dairy and, in smaller quantities, from beans, nuts and seeds.

Personally, I eat a ton of cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for snacks, but I know that "dairy free" life is totally popular nowadays. And then... there are you vegetarians out there!! So what are the dairy free vegetarians to do?

Um, check out this list below... because I promise that replacing your usual snack of a granola bars or potato chips with something bursting with protein is an AWESOME way to slim down and become a stronger athlete.

And I've done all the work. Each snack is around 200 calories or less and loaded with protein!

My Fave Dairy Free, Meat Free Snacks

  1. Hardboiled eggs (3 eggs only have 200 calories and 21 grams of protein! That’s awesome!)

  2. Kite Hill GREEK yogurt (about 200 calories, 10 grams protein)

  3. Dried Edamame Seapoint Farms Individual Packets (100 calories, 11 grams protein)

  4. Enlightened Fava Bean Snacks Individual Packs (100 calories, 7 grams protein)

  5. Biena Individual Chickpea Snacks (100 calories 7 grams protein) - The cinnamon flavor?? I DIE. ITS SO GOOD!

  6. Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky (the whole bag only has 180 calories and a whopping 24 grams protein!)

  7. Salmon Epic Bars (1 bar is 120 calories, 9 grams protein)

  8. Epic Snack Strip Salmon Maple (1 strip is 100 calories, 7 grams protein)

  9. No Cow Bars (200 calories , 20 grams protein – I will forewarn you that these should not be eaten before a hard workout due to sugar alcohol content)

  10. Vega Snack Bars (200 calories, 12 gm protein)

  11. Crunchamame (100 calories, 7 grams protein) - You GUYS. These are my FAVORITE. They have the texture of cheetos and they are SO crunchy and delicious!!

There are affiliate links above, but they are products that I personally eat and love.


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