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Dealin' with the Holiday Haters!

One of my fave holiday parties that I attend every year... and do not hold back in terms of enjoyment.

(aka I eat and drink all the things)


Oh. my. gosh.

Tis the season to have tons of fun! Am I right?? So why are we all walking around complaining about all the fun to be had? Oh. That's right. Because there are so many people out there who feel bullied or forced into doing things they don't want to do. And ain't nobody who enjoys that feeling!

I know its easier said than done, but you always have the option of saying, "No, thanks." Let me give you some life-changing permission. Its okay to decline an invitation because your priority is staying home and relaxing, organizing your closet, running or cuddling your cat. Sure, maybe someone will be disappointed for 20 seconds, but then they will get over it, and you will savor this huge sense of relief that you get to DO YOU.

That said, I don't want anyone declining FUN holiday activities because they're afraid they will be confronted with temptation. Dude, you got this!!!! Let's talk it out.

1. Handling Food Pushers -

Simply say, "No thanks."

And if that doesn't work, dig for a little white lie.

"Thanks, I will help myself in a moment." (And then don't)

"No thank you, I'm full."

"No thank you, that sort of thing does not settle well in my stomach." "No thank you, I have a hard workout tommorrow and have to stick to foods my stomach is used to."

Or you can get a little sassy-pants and reply, "Its interesting that you care so much about what's on my plate. What's up with that?"

2. Handling Peer Pressuring Booze-Pushers

These people are even worse than the food pushers (IMO). Typically, offering a drink is someone's way of saying, "I want you to have a good time."

If I am resolute on not drinking I always assure someone, "Don't worry. I have attended many parties/happy hours without drinking and still always have a lot of fun. I don't need alcohol to be social." BA-ZING-A.

If you have a hard time just saying no, its okay to make up an excuse:

"Sorry, have to wake up early tomorrow."

"I'll help myself after I'm done with this glass of water. I need to quench my thirst first."

"I have a rough day of work tomorrow and need to be focused."

Or... you can compromise. Order a glass of dry white wine or rose to save on sugar & calories. Another option is to order tequila, vodka or gin (I said OR people not AND!) with water or soda water. Add a splash of juice or a citrus for some flavah-flave.

My fave trick is to make a wine spritzer by ordering a glass of dry rose and a glass of seltzer. As everyone else goes for their second or third drink, I just keep topping off my wine with more seltzer.

3. Savoring the food you truly want

Hold up. What happens when you come face-to-face with that brownie that just looks SO. DAMN. GOOD?!?!

Here's what ya do.... you eat it!!!

Research has shown that denying cravings only contributes to binge eating. So, if you really want the dang food, then ya gotta eat it.

But ya gotta eat it like this...


without guilt.

savor it.

smile and enjoy it.

While you're eating it, tell yourself that if you want seconds, then you have full permission to go back for more. Seems SILLY, but KNOWING you have that permission to indulge will allow you to eat the food even slower and with even greater satisfaction.

Also, I'm not lying. If you want more. Go back for more. Just as long as you're eating it slowly and with enjoyment.


Ultimately, I want you guys to realize that parties and cocktail hours are an opportunity to make memories with the ones you love. Don't hide away from social events because you're afraid of temptation - embrace that this is the time of year to COUNT MEMORIES NOT CALORIES. Eat the foods that you want (not the foods that you're being bullied into eating) and enjoy the holiday season <3


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