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Do you have sugar cravings, runner friend??

Let's set the scene -

You are cleaning up your kids' plates and there's leftover mac & cheese. So you take a bite. And then another bite. And before you know it you've licked their plate clean while standing in the kitchen with the sink running... And then you feel guilty. You don't even like mac & cheese...what gives?!

So you decided the solution is to diet harder. Go low carb lower. Eat more protein harder. Count macros stricter. Whatever.

However... this response only leads to more 'out of control' or 'out of body' eating experiences because restriction activates the primal part of your brain which leads to bingeing.

Feeling out of control around food is a scary feeling. It makes you feel like certain foods, most commonly carbs, are too "addictive" or palatable to be kept in the house.

When you feel out of control around food, it's not because carbohydrates are "addictive" or bad for you, it's because you have created this psychological barrier to making peace with that food. I work with active women who sometimes have this issue with carbohydrate or sugar cravings, and most often the problem isn't the sugar or carbohydrates! As active women we need those carbohydrates!

So instead of eliminating them I teach my clients a Four Question System to ask themselves instead of counting calories or macros. These questions help them to rebuild a relationship of trust with their body. When we start listening to our body we can get rid of those food rules we have set in place.

I teach my clients to make peace with food, to use this 4 question system and then I teach them how to time carbohydrates so that they can eat in a way that is going to optimize their energy and balance blood sugar. This is especially important while training for a marathon, half marathon or whatever race you have coming up that you are getting ready for! Once they implement this cycle... the sugar cravings go away!

If you are curious about making peace with foods, then tune into our FREE podcast, Food Peace Please on Itunes or by clicking here.


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