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Do you stand up for yourself?

We as women are being told to eat less because we need to be as thin as possible or to look a certain way. Just because society dictates something as the standard or "norm" doesn't mean that society knows best for you.

Do you agree with me when I say that you should not be living a life where you are constantly worrying about food because you are worried that you are going to gain weight...or not look the way society has told you to look?

Do you believe that you need to shrink your life and your body because that's what society told you to believe in?

Or do you stand up for yourself? Do you stand up for fueling yourself or for whatever your body looks like when it's at its healthiest?

This is what we need to be shifting our focus towards. A client of mine is currently training for an ultra marathon, she has been eating more and running more. The other day she had to buy a pair of shorts in a size up from what she had before and she was proud of that. Society would frown upon that, they say we should be losing weight and buying extra small shorts. I am so proud of her because she stood up for her body by proclaimed that she is fueling her body and feeling phenomenal in her skin, she needed to go up a size to wear clothes because she is being authentically healthy for herself.

Do you stand up for yourself or do you let society tell you what your body should look like? Or are you living a life where you are fully present so that you are eating enough to feel:

-empowered on your workouts

-strong on your runs

-recovered after your hard workouts

If this is hard for you to's totally normal. There is no finish line when it comes to healing our body image. When you recognize that those toxic thoughts are there and you are trying to listen to your body and what it needs, that is still progress. It will be difficult but you are more than capable when you stand up for yourself!

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