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fueling your early morning runs

Wooo, baby! We had a heat wave and a half in the northeast this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday had "real feels" of 100*F. I'm admittedly not in great shape right now and only managed a 5 miler in the heat. It knocks you out.

So the only intelligent solution is to wake up really early and run before the heat index is 10000 degrees.

But then I get questioned, "Serena, should I eat before my 4:30am run?"

Because, let's be real, who wants to wake up early to eat before 4:30am?

But, ahem, sometimes my answer is, "Yes, darlin', ya need to fuel before your 4:30am run!"

SO let's talk about when and what.

And, homie, ya gotta know- this stuff MATTERS. It makes a difference to how you FEEL on your run and how you perform... and when we perform better we can build new muscle and become a better athlete.

If you're excited to fuel better, feel better and finally learn how to listen to your body so that cravings stop hitting ya in the face, you stop feeling like you have ZERO control around the snacks in your house and you can learn how to ROCK your runs... then you should totally apply to my awesome small group coaching program, FUELED FAST FIERCE. We start August 2nd and it is just the most TRANSFORMATIONAL experience.

Okay, so 4am food. Let's talk.

Here's the dealio. If you are doin' a workout thats less than 45 minutes and it's a pretty even keel run, then it's okay to skip you're pre run fuel. Just make sure you eat when you get back home!

Now, if you're doing something on the more intense side like a track workout, hill workout, speed workout, or long run (>60 minutes), then its a good idea to have some carbs before your run!

But we both know, you aren't hungry at the crack o' dawn! And I get that.

So, can we figure out something ya can eat that early?

These easily digestible carbs are great ideas:

  • applesauce

  • a gel

  • 6-8 oz of juice

  • 1/3 cup raisins or dried fruit

Lemme know if you try these options out and how they feel!! And remember - no matter how hard it feels to run in the heat - it doesn't say anything about you as a runner. Running in the heat is TRULY hard. That's just a fact.


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