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For the Always Hungry Runner

Happy New Year, my friends!

I am soo excited about 2019. I want this to be a year of BIG things. A shiney new PR in the Half Marathon thanks to Marty from Be the Runner and the awesome training plan he created for me. A year filled with lots of nutrition coaching. More 1:1 time with my clients and more opportunities to provide group coaching. I'm also hoping to master the pistol squat...but we'll see about that.

So anyway, one of the questions I get most often is, "How do I deal with constant hunger during training??"

So. Let's talk about it. I mean - let's REALLY talk about it. On January 15 at 8pm EST I am hosting a FREE one hour masterclass where we are getting DEEP into nutrition and running. I am giving you THREE easy tips to follow to banish hunger so you can recover faster, perform better and STOP THE HANGER.

#hangerfree2019 anyone??

Register here! Peeps who attend the live event will also get a FREE Pre-Workout Snack Guide! And.. when you register you will receive a survey to fill out. FILL that ish out so I can answer your questions on the Live Q&A!!! You're pretty much getting a 1:1 with me FOR FREE.

Let's do this thang. No more hanger. No more hunger. Only speedy legs and new personal records in 2019! Woot woot!

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