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For the Always Hungry Runner

Happy New Year, my friends!

I am soo excited about 2019. I want this to be a year of BIG things. A shiney new PR in the Half Marathon thanks to Marty from Be the Runner and the awesome training plan he created for me. A year filled with lots of nutrition coaching. More 1:1 time with my clients and more opportunities to provide group coaching. I'm also hoping to master the pistol squat...but we'll see about that.

So anyway, one of the questions I get most often is, "How do I deal with constant hunger during training??"

So. Let's talk about it. I mean - let's REALLY talk about it. On January 15 at 8pm EST I am hosting a FREE one hour masterclass where we are getting DEEP into nutrition and running. I am giving you THREE easy tips to follow to banish hunger so you can recover faster, perform better and STOP THE HANGER.

Register here! Peeps who attend the live event will also get a FREE Pre-Workout Snack Guide! And.. when you register you will receive a survey to fill out. FILL that ish out so I can answer your questions on the Live Q&A!!! You're pretty much getting a 1:1 with me FOR FREE.

Let's do this thang. No more hanger. No more hunger. Only speedy legs and new personal records in 2019! Woot woot!


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