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FREE Two Week Challenge: 8 Simple Habits to Fuel for Fitness

So here's the dealio. I have a weird calf thing goin' on. Whenever I walk downhill or run hills, I get this weird pain in my calf. Its annoying and I should go to the doctor, but its only annoying with stairs and hills, so I also don't feel very motivated to do anything about it. LOL, ahhh, when will I learn?

Going to the sports doc is super annoying though. It takes weeks to get an appointment and its far.

You know what else is annoying? The peer pressure to eat junk, skip workouts and party nonstop during the holiday season. Today is the day after Halloween. There will be freakin' leftover candy everywhere you turn.

Here's what I want to know about EVERY morsel of food you put in your mouth today,

"Are you going to savor and enjoy every single bite of food?!"

I don't care if you eat candy today. I don't care if you go to happy hour 4 times this week, but what I care about is whether you will feel like you've stayed IN YOUR POWER. (I know this sounds super hippy-dippy but give me a sec and I'll explain what I mean).

Candy, cake, kale, pizza, raisins, matcha... all these foods can make you feel like a million bucks if you enjoy every bite. But when you overdo it on the candy, the cocktails or the pizza, that's when you stop enjoying your food and start feeling guilt. That's when you stop feeling like YOU chose to eat the food and had power in your choices. You feel like the food had control over you when you're half a pint deep in Ben & Jerry's, amiright? That's a cruddy feeling. YOU have control in YOUR body's choices.

If you need a little pump up, a little help staying in control this holiday season... can I just tell you... you are notttt alone! Even I feel this way!! This time of year, its cold, my training schedule is less intense and I could totally use a little extra accountability.

This challenge is meant to help us (yes, myself included) enjoy the holidays by encouraging 8 simple habits that will keep your energy from crashing, your blood sugar stable, your sanity intact and your motivation to BE THE HEALTHIEST YOU high as heck!

I'm giving away a meal plan, a smoothie guide and tonssss of support with videos, how-tos, meal prep tips in my FREE Facebook Community.

All ya gotta do is join. We start November 11, but sign up right now so you don't forget.


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