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Fueling on Rest Days

"How do I stop feeling guilty for eating on days when I do not exercise?"

This is something I hear all the time when I am working with clients. As a fellow runner, I fully understand the pressure to look a certain way and why it can feel so difficult when you are eating on days when you didn't get a good workout in. However, things like injuries, crazy busy schedules, the fact that we should have scheduled rest days during our routine mean that there is not always going to be a crazy intense work out for that day.

So should you eat less on those days?

Now of course the answer is no, but that's so much easier said than done...and why is that? Why is it that we as female athletes have this issue where we feel super guilty eating on days when we don't get a crazy good workout in? It's probably... when you get down to it, a fear of weight gain.

You should want to break out of this cycle right? Food is fuel! Food is actually going to make us stronger, better athletes. It can help us recover and perform better. It's going to help you reach your potential. Here's the deal, your self-worth is tied up in your body image and that is the issue. Do you hear that? Your self-worth is tied up in your body image and because of that you feel guilty, you feel you don't deserve to eat on the days that you don't get a good calorie scorching workout in. As long as you feel that way, where food is giving you anxiety and food is giving you guilt, it is going to stop you from reaching your goals. It is going to stop you from setting a freaking awesome example for your daughter on how she should be living her life.

So this is exactly why I am so passionate about doing what I do as a sports dietician, as a runner, as a run coach. I help women realize that there is food freedom out there and in that food freedom there are PR's galore. There are personal records for days! So if you are interested in learning m ore about my intuitive eating combined with sports nutrition approach to fueling, I would love to learn more about you. I have a free Facebook community, click here to join!

I also have a freaking awesome small group coaching program where I help women totally transform their relationship with food so you can take that self-worth and you can untie it from your food experiences. So you can eat without guilt and it doesn't matter if you exercise or not that day. You are still going to be able nourish your incredible strong human body. Click here so we can chat and see if this is a good fit for you! There are some wonderful Black Friday Freebies being released here soon...


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