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Have you been feeling the RUNger?

RUNger is a silly word I use to describe the increased appetite you get while training. I am in week 3 of half marathon training and I am starting to feel the RUNger!!

Today I am sharing 3 simple shifts you can make to help you feel more SATISFIED after meals!

You need to give yourself permission to eat more overall

First ya need to find your carb sweet spot. What is the right amount of carbohydrates you need on your plate for you to stay fuller longer, to give you energy, & to help improve your performance? As the intensity of your workouts increases, your need for carbohydrate increases as well.

What is your fueling strategy?

You need to cushion your workouts with the right nutrition in order to prevent the RUNger! When you are going out for a run do you understand which runs need pre-workout nutrition? Do you know which runs need mid-workout nutrition? Are you timing your mid-workout nutrition correctly so you can optimize and maximize your performance?

When you are done with a workout and don't feel hungry yet

Do you know how to get the right nutrition in to make sure that you are not starving so that you can improve your performance? In my group coaching program Food Freedom Fit Fam, I teach you how to find your carb sweet spot, how to fuel your workouts and how to know which ones need pre-workout fueling or mid-workout fueling.

Are you training for a Spring Race? Head over to our free facebook group and share what race you are training for!

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