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Holiday Happiness (YUH, its a thing!)

Its been fun. But now I'm ready for "normal" life again!

Let's talk about staying in control of your holiday happiness. Yeah, its possible!

Be honest. Ask your loved ones not to comment on your appearance or food choices. Send a text or call a loved one whom you suspect may make a comment, and kindly ask him or her to not make any comments about your food or appearance. You can pretend that you’ve asked everyone at dinner so that he or she doesn’t feel like you singled him or her out! Remember, a little white lie to stop an onslaught of negative comments and subsequent negative-self-talk is totally OKAY.

Avoid the food police (or being the food police!). Likewise, keep your eyes on your own plate! Make sure you do not pass judgment on other’s food choices. Do not preach. Holidays are for enjoying, savoring, and spreading love. No one invites the food police to their holiday meal. If someone makes a comment on your plate, politely reply, "I came here today to enjoy good food and time with friends/family; not for nutrition counseling."

And remember that other’s comments about what you’re eating (or not eating) are a reflection of their own inner insecurities. Don’t let anyone bully you! You’re in control.

Have a plan. If all the parties and cocktail hours feel overwhelming - take a look at your calendar and consider how many upcoming parties you have. Think about how you’ll feel if you indulge at every party and whether it’s worth it to you. If its totally worth it - then you do you, honey!! Realistically, any pounds put on during the holidays tends to be WAY less than the media chalks it up to be, and can easily be lost.

But let's say all the parties are overwhelming and you totally know that if you eat really cruddy or skip workouts on the reg, then you are NOT going to be happy. Let me give ya a little word of advice: choose some parties for indulging, and simply say no at others!I As in, its okay to decline attending altogether. Or its okay to go and skip on the alcohol or the treats! Your host simply wants FABULOUS YOU to attend, they do not really care what you're eating or drinking!!


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