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How different is fat loss coaching from food freedom coaching??

A few weeks ago I interviewed Joan, an awesome graduate of The Food Freedom Fit Fam, my signature group coaching program, about her experience with food freedom (aka intuitive eating) as a runner. But... there's something super interesting about Joan's story.... Joan and I worked together in 2015 back when I was a fat loss dietitian!!! I had helped her use macro tracking in 2015 to lose weight... and when she reached out to work together again in 2020, I had to fill her in on how my approach to nutrition counseling was totally different now because I don't help people lose weight. Well, I don't help people INTENTIONALLY lose weight (sometimes it is a product of food freedom).

Joan agreed to work together again in 2020 because we are kindddd of an awesome team... and I was sooo excited to help her find food freedom after macro tracking! Here's the deal with macro tracking... it works... but who the heck wants to measure food, do math and plan meals for the rest of their life??? It takes the JOY out of food... and it causes peeps to do some cuh-razy things like binge eat or "sneak" foods (as Joan describes in the video!). There's SO MUCH freedom when you stop macro tracking and learn to trust your body & follow sports nutrition guidelines.

But what was super interesting about Joan's interview, is she talks about how there are still a lot of similarities between what i taught as a fat loss dietitian and what I teach now... and that's because.... I have and always will teach athletes how to create healthy habits.

Whether you're eating intuitively or not... my role as a dietitian is to help you create habits that support robust health, and that's totally what Joan describes in her graduation interview... that the similarities between my fat loss program and my current food freedom program actually aren't that different... and Joan even lost some weight during her food freedom journey.

I'd love for you to watch the video & let me know if you can relate to Joan's story? And if you want to set up a free call with me to discuss whether you'd be a good fit for Food Freedom Fit Fam, my group coaching program, then alll ya gotta do is click here!


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