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How does dieting protect you?

When starting a food freedom journey there is a transition period where you are trying to stop labeling foods as good or bad, stop counting macros or points. But let's be real it's hard to do that because you have been doing it for so long! I have a client who went through this exact same thing and she was frustrated because she felt it was taking too long. Everyone is different and everyone has gone through a different journey to get to food freedom.

If you are noticing that you are a person who is holding onto those food rules, an important question you need to ask yourself is, "Is there a reason I am holding onto this food rule?" Most times it has nothing to do with fear of gaining weight, it has more to do with what has the food rule done for you or protected a past version of you.

There is a belief attached to the food rule that someone may have given to you. For example, "If you keep eating _____ (fill in the blank) you will be alone forever." It's important to figure out where you heard this from and to start talking about it so that you can poke holes in the story. When you do that you can see the truth that this food rule is not actually serving you. That it is detracting from your health.

You need to be aware of how food rules are "serving you" or "protecting you" because then you need to talk to that version of yourself that believes that rule and figure out how to flip it on its head. When you do that you can see the food rule is not actually helping you, even though it feels like it was protecting you at one point in your life.

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