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How soon should you eat after you wake up, runner girl?

Society has glorified not eating breakfast in the morning. Or just drinking a lot of coffee with butter so you don't "need" to eat breakfast.

Let me ask you you have a liver? Weird question, I know, hang with me. Your liver is in charge of storing sugar. When you go to sleep your liver is full of glycogen (which is sugar). Although you may think you are just sleeping your body is doing amazing things! It's repairing muscle and detoxifying your kidneys, the list really goes on and on. In order for your body to be able to do that it uses the glycogen to accomplish all of these things. So by the time you wake up your liver is empty.

So after you wake up you decide to go for a run without eating because you are doing #fastedcardio. However, since your liver is basically empty your body has to look for glycogen elsewhere, it potentially has to break down muscle mass to turn it into sugar so that you can have energy for your run. Now this also creates cortisol in your body (a stress hormone) because there is not enough energy in your body to support the run. This increases sugar cravings and your appetite, which means it makes you hungry all day.

So how soon should you eat when you wake up in the morning?

You need to eat before you go do a stressful workout on your body. It could be just and applesauce packet or orange juice or graham crackers. You just need to have some sugar in your system so that your liver doesn't feel empty and so that it doesn't send out those stress hormones.

If you don't eat breakfast, you need to start practicing eating soon after you get up. I have a client who drinks a glass of milk when she wakes up and then when she gets to work she eats her real breakfast, but she isn't starving by the time she gets to work because she had milk. Make sense?

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