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How to Choose the Right Training Plan

I'm more than a little excited for the Chicago Marathon 2021. And I want to share the excitement with you every step of the way.

I've shared with you before that training for a marathon sort of scares me. When I last ran a marathon in 2015, I was still in the throws of macro counting and lots of food guilt. I knew the sports nutrition intellectually, but it was hard for me to follow it without guilt or fear of weight gain.

And I think there's still a part of me that's afraid that training for something that requires so much time and dedication will reawaken that "diet brain."

Marathon Monday is an opportunity for me to teach allll that I've learned over the last 3-4 years while I've shifted my focus from sports nutrition to sports nutrition + intuitive eating. You can help keep me accountable by having me teach back to you alll the amazing stuff we gotta get straight as we prepare for our fall half marathon, marathon or ultra.

Be sure you're a member of my free facebook community so you don't miss a Marathon Monday & can post your questions/topic requests.

And remember if you need more personalization, you can always set up a free call with me to discuss joining my virtual running nutrition coaching program.


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