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How to Fuel Your Runs for "Fat Burning Mode"

Hahahha... gotta love the freeze frame here!

But this week we answered Courtney's question (remember you can submit questions for me to answer by posting them in my free facebook group!) about how to stay in fat burning mode while running.

You can watch the video for the fullll scoop, but basically, what ya gotta know is that 'staying in fat burning mode' is the WRONG priority. It is pointless to burn fat for fuel during your run if its going to spike cortisol (leads to holding onto fat & messes up metabolism), contribute to overeating later or contribute to poor performance.

I see so many low carb athletes criticize the consumption of carbs pre- or mid-workout because they're afraid the insulin spike will knock them out of 'fat burning mode,' but as we discussed in today's video... that's kind of a non-issue for runners who are consuming the RIGHT amount of fuel for their activity.

Our body asks for carbs, and by finding our 'carb sweet spot,' we are able to boost metabolism, prevent cortisol spikes, reduce cravings & support new muscle mass.

If fueling your active lifestyle confuses the bejesus outta ya and you're ready to finally fuel your body THE RIGHT WAY ... without the drama, without the constant hunger... then its time to set up a FREE call with me to discuss joining my coaching program. Hit me up & let's chat <3


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