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How to get your mindset ready for fall races

Are you ready for your fall race? Some of you are ready, you have done the training and whether the training went the way you wanted it or not, you are ready to run your race. For some of you the training didn't go the way you wanted, you got sick, life got stressful or you got injured. I just want to tell you that this is okay too, as long as you feel you can safely cross that finish line without injuring yourself. It's okay to show up to your race and adjust your expectation.

What I mean by this is...I will use myself as an example, I am running the Hartford Marathon and I took 3 weeks of of running for my wedding and I feel like I have lost a lot of fitness. So I adjusted my expectations, rather than really racing I am using it as a training run. I am not expecting anything for myself that day. The fact that I have adjusted my expectations is making this a more exciting, fun experience for myself. For me its going to be about challenging my body, training my body and enjoying my experience. It's not going to be a race that I race. It is no big deal if you need to adjust your expectations.

Now for those of you who did do your training...If you showed up and trained and followed your training plan, you are ready and belong on that starting line. If you are having doubts about not hitting all your training, that is just your nerves speaking. No matter how many things you prepare for, you cannot control the results of the race. So what can you control....your thoughts. You can control the thoughts you are choosing to believe in, fixate on and ruminate on. It is totally normal to be panicking. Whenever you catch yourself saying, "I cant do this." I want you to write down all the things you have done to prepare and the reasons you that you are ready. You need to talk back to that voice that says you can't.

You are an athlete, you are going to figure it out and you will be fine. There is something to learn in every single race and you deserve to be on that starting line.

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