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I stopped counting macros

A few years ago, I was superrrr into counting macros on My Fitness Pal. AND I got really good at it.

Counting macros works. And for some people its an awesome long term strategy.

But it was not for me.

For me, it made me feel obsessive around food. And it didn't facilitate a healthy relationship with food for me.

So I want to share this story with you because maybe you're a bit like me, and you feel like EVERYONE ELSE can do it... and what's wrong with me??

So let's chat.

I thought I had to be PERFECT to see results with nutrition. I thought I had to exercise control over my food choices to fuel my workouts and to feel good in my body. I thought I needed to eat with science on my side instead of trusting my body's cravings or intuition.

A few years ago I went to Paris and ate all the bread. I ate enough to feel good in my body, I stopped when I was full, and I came home from the vacation feeling better than ever. Even though I hadn't tracked macros, eaten tons of protein & veggies or exercised. Coincidentally, I read Evelyn's Intuitive Eating a few weeks later (I wish I could remember WHY I picked it up but I really can't remember!).

It totally changed my life and I started applying the principles of sports nutrition (such as fueling, hydration and pre- and post-workout snacks) with intuitive eating in my own life.

And it changed my life. It gave my space room to think about things other than macros, so I could build my group programs and private practice, so I could learn to love my body, so I could learn to enjoy date night with my boyfriend without guilt.

During quarantine, a lot of women are struggling. Sure, maybe you're exercising more than ever, but your relationship of food has been affected by lockdown, stress, homeschooling, scary new reports, etc. And I can't stop thinking, "HOLY CRAP, I WOULD HAVE HANDLED THIS SOOO BADLY A FEW YEARS AGO."

Not because you can't count macros during quarantine, but because macro counting takes us out of the practice of listening to our bodies and trusting our bodies. I can't tell you enough - I am NOT attacking macro counting. I think it works for some people, but it failed me, and so I want to share with you what works for me.

What worked for me was keeping the sports nutrition practices intact (because that's what we need as athletes to optimize recovery/performance and to keep our hunger under control) and learning to trust my body's hunger, fullness and cravings. I learned how to stop obsessing over food, my body and fixed my food anxiety, stopped the yo-yo dieting (sometimes being "good" about macros and other times being "bad" about my macros).

GOSH, if I am being honest, I am so happy I figured this out! And after living it for two years and teaching it to my 1:1 clients, I feel so happy to know that I can share this unique approach to nutrition WITH YOU.


So I am so excited to announce my small group 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚵‍♀️🏃‍♀️ coaching program. I want to show you what intuitive eating did for my active body... it has made me feel FIERCE, FAST & FIT using a UNIQUE combo of sports nutrition & intuitive eating.

My small group focuses on:

❔How much should I eat to fuel my workouts?

❔ How do I change my relationship with food?

❔ How do I stop my sugar addiction?

❔ How much should I eat everyday?

❔ How do I stop dieting on and off over and over?

❔ How do I feel GOOD in my body and my clothes?

SO what I've done is taken these questions and turned them into a THREE MONTH COURSE combining group trainings with 1:1 attention.

We start JUNE 14th, and here's what you'll get if you're accepted into the program! (Apply for a spot here).

❤️ A FREE 1:1 session with me when you sign up before June 1st

🧡 Bi-weekly group coaching calls to address those big questions and set up step-by-step goals with action items

💛 Tips for actually applying the information to your life

💚 My SUPER EASY "Performance Plate" MEAL PREP METHOD

💜 Live Q+A and hot seat calls on the "off" weeks to work through your struggles and questions

💙 Access to me in between sessions in our group chat to share struggles, tips, wins and to KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE

❤️ MONTHLY "Better Body Image" Workshops to help you explore your negative self-talk and rewire your mind

🧡 Recipes & snack ideas

We are keeping this group SMALL so I can smother you guys with attention! So apply ASAP to snag a spot before June 1st & claim your FREE 1:1 session with me.

I have never been so excited about anything ever before in my life. This is a three month journey that will CHANGE your relationship with food & your body FOREVER.


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