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Keepin' It Healthy

A lot of people find out I'm a dietitian and immediately assume that it must be the easiest thing in the world for me to keep the healthy habits alive and well.

Guys. I'm human too. I love lazing around on Long Run Day Sunday. I love pizza. I understand all of the vices of non-dietitians. I swear.

But I seriously think the reason I have easily been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for so long has to do with my approach to nutrition and the choices I make. I refuse to get sucked into fads and I refuse to feel guilty about the choices I make (even the "unhealthy" ones).

People often comment on "how much" I eat and comment if my meal isn't completely made up of veggies. I get a lot of food police comin' my way as a dietitian. And all this attention on my food habits has made me become immune to it.

I wasn't always good at shrugging off comments however. Comments about my second slice of pizza used to send me into a guilt-frenzy. I was obsessed with body weight and image. But all of this has slowly dissipated (of course, I still have my moments) throughout years of realizing the number on the scale is SO meaningless. I have done amazing things - because I have a strong, healthy, capable body. And I'm not even talking about running. Some of my proudest "body moments" include shoveling my car out of a blizzard ALL BY MYSELF and carrying ikea furniture boxes BY MYSELF into my car, up the stairs and into my apartment ALONE.

What moments do you have where you can stop and appreciate your body? Like. Did you carry all those groceries inside today? Did you pick up your baby and cradle her until she fell asleep? Did you take the stairs. THESE ARE GIFTS. Your body is awesome for being able to do these things.

And the way we provide our body with the strength to continue in its magnificent form is by feeding it, loving it, and having patience with it.

Instead of dwelling on the "bad food" I ate last weekend or the comments people make about the quantity of food my athletic form requires... I focus on what is SO kick butt about my bod. And I hope I inspire you to feel the same way about your body. No guilt makes it 100000% easier to stick to a healthy routine. I can assure you!


Serena Marie RD
Serena Marie RD
Apr 10, 2019

Right?? Old habits and mindsets are so hard to break away from! I still find myself slipping back into negative ways of thinking... but after living and learning, it’s so obvious that self love is the only way to make healthy habits last!


Tricia B
Apr 10, 2019

Love this and I feel like I need to keep this in front of me every day! :) It's all so true!!

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