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7 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Fats Right Now (Livestrong Contribution)

I think we all know by now that the peeps of the 90's had it all wrong. Fat is not evil and avoiding fat only contributes to eating a diet rich in processed carbohydrates...which leads to adiposity and diabetes.

But, unfortunately, the advice of 2019 is NOT as simple as: So go ahead, eat the fats. Fats are kind of confusing and ya gotta know which fats are healthy versus unhealthy.

I rarely play food police, but this is one area that I feel very strongly everyone needs a very solid education. If you have harmful cooking oils in your home and are cooking three meals a day in "bad fats," then you're really doing a doozy to your bod! And you could avoid it by making a simple swap.

Certain fats contribute to inflammation in the body while other dietary fats help to reduce inflammation and create a healthier human. Inflammation is such a confusing word, huh? We hear it all the time, but do ya really know what it means? You can think of inflammation as a fire. The more inflammation in your body the more "fires" your body is constantly trying to tame and put out. A body with minimal inflammation has less "fires" to put out. More flames create an environment for diabetes, weight gain, stroke and heart disease, so we definitely want less inflammation.

And yeah, the type of fat you cook with, the cheese you choose (or not choose) and your salad dressing you eat all play a role in controlling inflammation. You can learn more by checking out my contribution to Livestrong: 7 Myths About Dietary Fats You Should Stop Believing Right Now.


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