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#NYRR 5 Mile Team Champs

Yesterday was the New York Road Runner's 5 Mile Team Champs in Central Park, and it was quite the fun race!

... Which is kinda funny because I hate the course (rolling hills) & I hated the weather (humid AF), but it was such a fun experience that I still overall had a really wonderful time. If you guys can't tell by my impassioned blog posts, I really love supporting and cheering others on! And this race is alll about cheering and supporting fellow runners!

So...I love team champs because men and women race separately, so we get a chance to stand on the sidelines and root on the men of our running club, and they get to do the same for us! As a member of South Brooklyn Running Club, its always fun to rep team spirit and cheer each other on!

While the course itself is hilly rather than fast and flat, the wholeeee thing is totally worth it for the last ~800-1000 meters of the course. About a quarter way into the last mile, you start to hear cheering, and it is just such an overwhelmingly awesome force to run towards! As tired as I was coming out of a very hilly mile 4, I was lifted by the cheering crowd ahead.

Running the last 800-1000 meters lined with fellow NYRR running club members cheering you on (well, lets be honest, they're cheering for their own team members LOL) is just the BEST. There's nothing better than drawing from the crowd's energy when you're tired and ready for the race to end.

I tried out a newwww post-race treat this weekend which I totally loved!!!

I created a better-nut-butter and banana sandwich by mashing PB, protein powder, & almond milk together and sandwiching it with banana slices! It was sooo good and had the right amount of protein to fuel recovery!



The Best Running Club Around <3


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