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PRO TIP: Work on ROCKIN' the Sports Bra NOW Instead Of Later....

Now I know it might not be warm enough for you to rock that sports bra outside right now.... but warmer days will be here before you know it.

And body image work... it takes time.

Picture this.... it's 87*F even though its 6am and the dew point is 9000% (hehe)... as you're getting dressed for your morning run, you can already FEEL the heat through the window in your bedroom. It's gona be a hot one. You've been hydrating like a boss and you savor the feeling of cold water on your fingers as you fill up your Nathan to bring with you. Your t-shirt is sticking to you and you realize how much more COMFORTABLE you'll feel if you just ditch the tank top and rock your sports bra as your top. You smile to yourself as you step outside, sports bra out and about, and feel confident in your skin. It feels SO GOOD to prioritize your own self-comfort and to feel confident in your skin!

Now that's the picture you want to see, isn't it?!

And yet... maybe, at this juncture, the idea of heading outside with your belly exposed (or your arms! or your thighs! whatever part of your body it may be!) just fills you with dread.

Body image though is a complex demon to tackle, but tackling it IS possible. Body image beliefs are likely the product of years and years of stories, opinions, unwanted advice, your mom's beliefs... A lot of those thoughts may not even be your own... I mean, are you actually EVER as mean to anyone else as you are to yourself????!!!!

Which is why it's great that those thoughts are not reality and you can learn how to challenge those thoughts. Which is why NOW IS A GREAT TIME to start practicing.

If you are afraid to wear shorts outside, start wearing them around the house to make you feel more comfortable wearing shorts in a safe place. Get acclimated to the feeling of your skin being exposed. Try on different brands to find the cut or fit that looks best on you! Sites like Stitch Fix are great for helping you find what works best for your body if shopping in-store feels too scary for you.

These steps may feel minimal, but they're the beginning of rewiring your brain!!

Have more questions? Click here to join my free Facebook group and let us know if you're getting ready to face a body-image-fear!


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