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Protein Powder isn't doin' ish🙅‍♀️ if you're underfueling🤷‍♀️

THREE REASONS protein powder isn’t the answer to all your fueling issues.

Listen, I love a good protein powder. But if you’re loading up on protein powder thinking it is going to be the solution to your sugar 🍭 cravings, your muscle building 💪🏻 goals, your desire to PR 🏃🏾‍♀️ this year… well, keep reading for my proven reasons why your protein powder alone WILL NOT KICK YOUR SUGAR cravings!

1️⃣Protein powder is awesome to give your body the protein it needs as an athlete, but muscle protein synthesis (a fancy way of saying “muscle building”) also requires carbs 🍠🥯 in the diet. Ya see- your fear of carbs is hurting your chances of building muscle 💪🏻

2️⃣Likewise, all that protein ain’t gonna do ish for your sugar cravings. Believe me, back in the day, I was the queen of making low-carb, high-protein ice creams, waffles, pancakes, mug cakes, etc. But our active, fit bodies know better. And with more carbs during your daily routine, your body stops craving sugar. I call this finding your “carb sweet spot” in my nutrition coaching program, The 🌟Food Freedom Fit Fam.🌟

3️⃣Last, but not least, running 🏃🏼‍♀️ fast requires a whole lot more than protein. It requires adequate calories, good nutrient timing practices (aka - what are you eating pre, mid and post workout?), carbs, a bada$$ training regimen and rest. A scoop of protein powder won’t make up for that fasted track workout or your chronic sleep 😴 deprivation.

The goal of The Food Freedom✨ Fit Fam group coaching experience is to help active 🏋🏼‍♀️ women realize the importance of refueling, resting, and self-care. To help women realize that the solution to PRs, a healthy relationship with food and body is about wayyy more than which brand of protein powder you buy.

I’m ready to level up this year. How about you? Apply for the next round of group coaching through this link HERE to schedule a chat and help you see why our Food Freedom Fam is a good fit for you!🤩


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