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three race day tips you can do today

Running Fast
Queen's Half Marathon April 13 2019


So maybe you're running Boston tomorrow or maybe you're running a race super soon, and you don't have time to change things up... but want to run your best race EVER. (Eek! Good luck, Boston Marathoners!)

First of all, bravo if you know that its SUPER important to not try anything new on race day. Race day needs to be a day of pre-practiced skills, habits, foods.

But these three race day tips, I promise, cannot hurt you, and you don't have to practice them to yield some awesome goodness.

Are ya ready?!

  1. Smile when you're in pain - I knowwww. This is so weird. And I can guarantee this will be the ugliest smile of your life, but everytime I catch myself feeling like death mid-run, I SMILE super big. Something about smiling really relaxes me and imagining just how heinous that smile must look to the outside world makes me almost laugh.

  2. Squish the little paper water cups between your fingers - Okay, so this ONLY applies to people who already know (and have practiced) they will be grabbing water (or gatorade) during their race. Instead of attempting to grab the water cup like you usually grab water, try grabbing it from the top and pinching the water cup together. I promise this makes it SO much easier to grab the water without spilling it everywhere.

  3. Use duct tape and write your name on your shirt in big, bold letters - The best thing anyone can possibly say to me when they're cheering me on during a race is my NAME! It snaps me back into reality, it focuses me and it motivates me. Make sure you're wearing your name tomorrow on your shirt!!! Let those spectators cheer ya on!! You deserve it!

These small changes will change the game for you! Now go out there and race like you've never raced before :) I believe in you!


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