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running makes you hungrier (but food can help)

I ran my first marathon during my senior year of college when I had no idea how important sports nutrition is for runners.

As a 21 year old woman, I was inundated with messages to be thin, eat less, calorie count and "snack often" to "stoke metabolism." Sure, I knew the night before a race, I was supposed to eat pasta, but I also thought pasta was "fattening," so I'd skip the pasta party. I ate a lot of oatmeal, salads, and slept A LOT. The nice thing about senior year of college, was I could skip class to nap after long runs. I was tired, but I managed to squeeze in naps, and it was fine.

I trained for my second marathon between graduation and starting my dietitian internship. I was working as a server and had a lot of time to chill and sleep and recover. Again, I remember being tired but my schedule allowed me to nap enough that it was okay.

It was not until I trained for my third marathon, The Philly Marathon, that I started understanding the importance of fueling your body better. At that time, I was at Yale's Dietetic Internship, working part time, doing HW and training for a marathon. I was spread thin and did not have free time to nap whenever I felt exhausted. I realized then that the way I was eating REALLY affected how I felt. I was constantly shakey and hungry and tired, even though I thought I was eating right by snacking often, eating "complex carbs" and protein.

I had a lot to learn about sports nutrition...and so I delved into the science. How to time meals to boost performance and recovery. How to eat to stay fuller when your muscles are hungry from all your hard training. How in the world to hydrate when its HOT AF outside. It took years, but I finally got that ish allll figured out!

And I want to help you figure it out too.


Do you ever feel like no matter how much you eat - you're starving during training? Like you need to carry enough snacks to feed a small army to survive the day? Are your loved ones living in fear of your constant "RUN-ger?"

Eek. Sounds like if you're still living in the hell I went through early on in my nutrition career. Maybe you need a date with a sports dietitian?? How about a FREE date with a sports dietitian??? I know just the one :)

Lucky for you, I'm hookin' ya up with a FREE 75 minute session with me on August 6th at 7:00pm. We are talking allll about Snacking for Hungry Runners: Fueling to Stop Overeating & Stay Fuller Longer. You should register right here today so you don't forget because I promise to HELP you solve your running nutrition woes!

Don't fret if you can' t make it live cause I'll send ya the replay when you register. Just remember that peeps who show up live get a great free recipe guide, so try your best to show up and ask me your burning questions.

Let's light the streets on fireee with your speed this fall!!


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