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The Mucky Part of Training is HAPPENING NOW

Welcome to freakin week 12 of training. Here's how I'm feeling, and I bet its how you're feeling too.

You're tired of long runs.

You're tired of the heat. And the OPPRESSIVE HUMIDITY.

You're bored of your route.

You're tired of running hard.

You're tired of doing hard runs. You know you can do hard things, but you're tired of doing them! LOL

You're ready to just get this ish over with.

And for a lot of us... we still have another 6-10 weeks of training to go. PHEWWWW... the Chicago Marathon feels both SO FAR away and SO CLOSE!

But what if I told you that what you're experiencing right now... this total mental fatigue when it comes to training is NOT ONLY NORMAL, but it is HELPING YOU?!

Oh, yeah, runner dude, it is HELPFUL.

Have you ever run a marathon before?? Or a half marathon? Or whatever it is that you're training for? Whether it's a 5k PR or your first ultra.... running is about way more than the physical, way more than the training, way more than the fueling.... it's about MENTAL GRIT.

At this point in training, you're not only training your muscles, you're training your mind. Training your mind to keep on going when you want to give up, when you're tired, and when maybe your self-talk isn't so kind.

Oh, self-talk. That's a BIG IMPORTANT PART of training & fueling. My clients not only graduate with the tools to fuel their bodies like a sports dietitian, but with kinder and more positive self-talk that allows them to navigate these tricky times in training.

When you have kind self-talk, it's easier to stick with the program. It's easier to have compassion when a run doesn't go so well, and easier to not give into the temptation to just skip your next workout. It's easier to stick with it.

And guess what, my friend, during your race... you're going to get tired, you're going to want to give up, it's going to be hard. I can promise you that. SO right now is a GREAT TIME to start practicing NOT giving up, challenging those thoughts of "this is too hard," and pushing through.

Some of my fave tips to get through the mucky part of training:

  • Adjust your schedule - I know you don't want to hear this... but if you're in the midst of peak week mileage, then some other stuff has gotta go. Set boundaries with friends & family, take stuff off your plate & remember that your nervous system is already bombarded with stress from training. Be kind to yourself!

  • Make time for extra sleep (if possible). I know... you are probably waking up early to squeeze in a run before the heat index is 90000*F, but if you can get that booty to bed earlier or schedule in some naps mid-day, you'll be doing your body some MAJOR favors.

  • Challenge negative thoughts. Write them down. Examine them. Would you say that to a friend??? If no, then you need to reframe it.

  • Visualize success. Your brain is POWERFUL. Stop focusing on how you "can't do" something & start imagining feeling strong & capable.

Which of these tips are you going to use during training??

I am sooo excited about this mucky part of training because what challenges me, changes me! And since I know that it's always better to tackle tough stuff together, my clients & I are doing a VISUALIZATION challenge in the month of September. I am teaching my clients PROVEN STRATEGIES to rewire your mind and feel calmer & more capable on race day.

If you've been considering joining nutrition coaching, then this is the PERFECT time to join us! The visualization challenge is going to be game-changing (PLUS ya get the game changing nutrition strategies that all my clients LOVE). Click here to apply for coaching & we can set up a FREE call to get to know one another better!


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