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The ridiculous things that made me feel guilty today

As female runners we and women in society we have been conditioned to feel bad about everything! Society tells us that no matter what we are doing, we could be doing more. But let me remind you...nothing positive can come from negative thoughts!

So things I have felt guilty about today:

  1. I did not run to the track to do my track workout I drove and my thoughts were telling me that I was lazy, it was only 1.9 miles and it could have been my warm up and cool down. (I am proud that I was going to do my workout since I haven't been wanting to do track workouts in a while. But as part of my #trainhappy I am trying to find the joy in doing them again)

  2. My plan at the track was to do 3 to 4- 800s and 2- 400s. As I was working out I wasn't feeling the best (which makes sense since it was my first track workout in over a year) so I decided to do 3- 800s instead of 4. My mind immediately went into shaming myself saying, in my younger days I never would have done the lower end of the workout, how can you give up after 3! (I was proud that I did the 3!)

  3. I was proud of the pace I had run those 800s however there is a part of me that knows I was able to run them faster before. I feel some guilt and shame that I have lost some fitness and I am no longer as fast as I used to be.

Do you see here how there are so many ways to celebrate the thing I did this morning but its also really easy for me to sit here in the negative. So when you hear negative thoughts creep in, nothing positive comes from negative thoughts. When you are stuck in the negative rather than making choices that make you feel good about yourself and help you feel strong and fit in your body, you want to punish yourself and self sabotage.

So even though the workout may not go perfectly its better to focus on the wins. When you focus on the wins and feel good yourself, you are more likely to make good choices and feel good in your body.

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