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the top three most common nutrition mistakes i see


Every year I help hundreds of women learn how to fix their relationship with food so they can finally learn how to 1) fuel their workouts 2) stop sugar cravings 3) make peace with their body.

And since I have a thang for working with runners, I thought it would be helpful to spill the beans on the most common fueling mistakes I see when I work with active women.

It's sort of funny how even though each and every person has unique needs and benefits from working on tweaking nutrition recommendations to be PERSONALIZED, I see the same general patterns in women.

I think its because we all live in the same toxic culture that encourages us to get thinner, eat less, move more and that our own comfort and stress-management is of minimal importance.

NEWS FLASH - Nutrition practices should fill UP your cup, not drain it. The right nutrition regimen feels like a big ole' hug - comforting, easy, calming... I tell my clients this ALL THE TIME... and I think after a few months of using my unique approach to sports nutrition, they start to understand what I mean by this.

Okay, I'll shut up now lol.

Let's talk about the top THREE biggest issues I see with your nutrition!!!

  1. You're skipping carbs way too often. One of the most important lessons in my group coaching program, Food Freedom Fit Fam, is that active ladies needdd carbzz in their life. One of my fave things to teach is how to add carbs to your day that help to keep you fuller longer, improve performance/metabolism and prevent sugar cravings.

  2. You aren't following nutrient timing guidelines. And you're probably thinking, what the heck is 'nutrient timing?' Am I right?? Um, if that's the case, we have SO MUCH TO LEARN! Nutrient timing is basically learning what is the optimal food for you during pre-, mid- and post-workout. Having a nutrient timing strategy will help you perform better, reduce cravings/runger and improve recovery time!

  3. You're afraid to eat when you're hungry. I can't tell you how confused everyone is about what hunger feels like in their body. I know this sounds super silly and basic, but once you learn how to identify hunger in your body, honor it with the right foods & stop eating when you're full... it's just LIFE CHANGING.

I'd love for you to head to my free facebook community and let me know which of these you think you need to work on??

Curious about learning more about the Food Freedom Fit Fam group coaching program??? Set up a FREE call with me to see if you're a good fit by applying here!


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