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The Week of the Brooklyn Half

Well, well, well. Here we are... a good 4 days out from the Popular Brooklyn Half...and I'm injury free (well, ya know, there's the usual nagging stuff but nothing serious) and... anxious.

Like really anxious.

I know. That's not good. But I can't help it! I really want to run a great race. I'm worried because my hips a little wonky, my legs have felt kind of heavy, and I definitely hate my new running shoes (that I bought last month) even after I've broken them in.

So I'm trying to stay focused on the good - that I've done a lot of my workouts. Not all of them - but let's be real... when have I EVER done all of my workouts? Um, never. Its not my style. So that shouldn't REALLY matter.

And I know the course. Its home turf. Its familiar. And it will be littered with loved ones cheering me on. 

And it will soon be over. No matter what... this time next week I can go back to focusing on 5ks and lifting in the gym. And I can't wait!


Some funky pre-race rituals I have include:

1. Not crossing my legs!!! I refuse to cross my legs on the subway, at my desk... its more important than ever.

2. I'm even more psychotic about drinking water. Water bottle + Serena = attached AT THE WAIST

3. No fiber rich veggies for 72 hours before race day. My usual bulky salads of beans and cruciferous veggies get demoted to lettuce and protein. Its sort of a boring life, but I'm totally freaked out about being gassy come race day. (I know. TMI!)

4. I drink tea every night before bed.... because I want to make sure the ole' gastrointestinal system is working despite my decreased fiber intake!! Hot liquids trigger peristalsis which help things moving... if ya get my drift (yup, more TMI - don't ya know runners are obsessed with this stuff?).

5. I try really hard to get enough sleep. I'm really struggle-bussing with this this week since I'm super busy with work!!! But, alas, sleep is VERY IMPORTANT!

What weirdo pre-race rituals do you have?! Am I the only one?!


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