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Tips & Tricks to Stop Constant Snacking while Working from Home

It seems working from home is here to stay for the time being, and while it seemed like a pretty sweetttt deal back in March, it's gotten real old real fast for a lot of people.

Schedules, time blocking and mealtimes are some the most common challenges my clients and I work to solve together lately!! As great as it is to NOT commute, working from home means for many of you that you are quite literally working.from.home 16 hours a day. Not having to worry about "packing a lunch" sounds pretty great, until you realize that you've developed a bad habit of working through lunch or snacking through lunch.

Many people assume my clients and I talk about carrots and protein shakes at every session, but there's actually a lot of time and attention put into every facet of self-care. We discuss stress, stressors, stress management, habits, mindset, and other fun lifestyle factors just as much as we discuss FOOD!!

If you're tired of constantly putting yourself last, tired of skipping workouts, tired of snacking so much that you've forgotten what the word 'mealtime' means, then you should totally set up a time to chat with me about personalized nutrition coaching.

Cool? Cool! Let's talk about my top tips on how to stop the constant snacking while working from home! (And remember - these tips are GENERAL tips not specific to YOU!)

Creating a Healthier Relationship with Food while WFH

1. Stop skipping meals!! I know you think that fasting is turning you into a fat burning machine, but how's that really workin' out for ya?? For many, skipping meals just leads to overeating later

2. Create boundaries around mealtimes- Instead of eating while answering emails or watching election day news (read: STRESS), try setting aside 20 minutes to focus on your plate. I know parents may have the challenge of little ones distracting them, but depending on your child's age, can you schedule meals to coincide with when your kiddos are eating? That way you can model a healthy relationship with food - sitting and slowly savoring each bite.

3. Pausing before Snacking - In my virtual practice, we talk a ton about having unconditional permission to eat any food at any time! Seriously! But free reign to eat anything and everything does not mean my clients are eating tootsie rolls and jelly doughnuts at all hours of the day.

Instead, we reflect on how food left us feeling. Sometimes a snack is exactly what we need because we are hungry or because its how we choose to cope with stress, but sometimes that snack just leaves us feeling more lethargic than ever!! My clients and I discuss and plan when a snack is the best option versus when it's just zapping you of energy!


Did you find these tips helpful?? Head over to my free facebook community and share which tip you're going to start implementing this week! It makes me so happy when I hear from you guys!


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