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Tired of constantly worrying about food?

The clients in my private practice will tell you that we talk about a lot more than just food. We talk about stress management, sleep, negative thoughts, nervous system regulation, neuroplasticity & running maybe more than we talk about digestion and food.

Which I find really funny because at one point in my life, my every thought revolved around food.

I was constantly worried if there'd be low calorie, high protein options on a restaurant menu.

Nervous I'd get too inebriated at a party & "drunk eat" more than I had allotted for that meal in MyFitnessPal.

Anxious around cereal, bread, pasta, rice, dried fruit (especially raisins), ice cream, salad dressing, nuts, nut butter, pizza, pancakes - my fear foods were abundant and everywhere.

Even when I knew I could "fit them" into my macros - the fear that I wouldn't be able to control myself and I'd eat too much was pervasive.

When someone tells you that macro counting gives you freedom because "all foods fit," I want you to gently remind them that that's not how the human brain is meant to think of food. Assigning foods with acceptable/unacceptable quantities that misalign with your hunger.... it creates scarcity.

Scarcity creates overeating, anxiety and stress. News flash - stress isn't good for you.

Scarcity also makes you become obsessed with food. If you struggle with constantly worrying about your next meal, fighting with hunger pangs to "make it" until you're "allowed" to eat a snack, or guilt/shame after eating... you don't have to live life this way!

I'd love to hear your thoughts after watching the video above. What take away moments did you have after watching??? Share in my free facebook community and let me know where you are in your food freedom journey.


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