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Travel Snacks

I wrote this in Italy but was not able to post it until today (home in NYC now!). However, I have to say, I totally nailed the travel snack game. A mixture of filling savory and sweet snacks fueled us whenever we needed a little snack on the train or plane... or before our epic bike ride through the Tuscan hills! Enjoy these snack tips before you pack for your next trip.



I am in Italy! After the most uncomfortable flight ever (seated between a bathroom and an incredibly rude dude who thought it was okay to keep his elbow in my allocated seat space the entire flight), I have arrived!

I wanted to share with you my travel snack situation cause I think I really nailed it. I had wanted to share it on IG stories but alas ran out of time!

Okay, but before we get to travel snacks, I have to tell you my GENIUS airport hack. So, I packed a Splendid Spoon Grain Bowl to eat for dinner in the airport, and security allowed me to bring it through! It was deeelish even without heating it up, and I was super happy to have a healthy, balanced and inexpensive meal before boarding the plane. You can use this link to save $50 on your first order!

So for snaxxxx, ya got your protein and your fiber. Both things will keep you fuller longer and stoke your metabolism.

Quest Protein Bars - I love these bars because they’re delicious, high protein and low carb. When you’re traveling in the land of bread and pasta, this is a good snack to have around.

Vermont Meat Sticks- Made with meat from pasture raised animals, these sticks are moist and have 6grams of protein per stick. I love these for a salty snack.

Carrot Sticks- okay, so these are only good for in the airport snacking, because obvi they need refrigeration, but carrot sticks are so cheap that it’s like whatever if ya end up tossing some of them. I love having a water and fiber rich snack in the airport before boarding the very dry airplane.

TJ’s 72% Dark Chocolate- any dark chocolate will do. Check for brands that have generous amounts of fiber so that this counts as a fiber rich snack rather than a sugar bomb.

Dried Apple Rings and Raisins- Dried apples and raisins are carby, but they have fiber in them to balance that hit to your bloodstream. Remember the serving size for dried fruit is about 1/3 cup, so this is truly a snack that should be enjoyed slowly and mindfully.

Raw Peanuts and Almonds- yum! Crunchy and rich in healthy fat and a bit of protein & fiber... I love using a handful of nuts to balance out my dried fruit snacks.

Okay okay. You’ll hear from me again soon, internet permitting :)

I have a running tour booked in Florence so I’ll be doing at least a little bit of running this vacay. Honestly, Go! Running Tours are always a major highlight of my trips (I’ve done one in Barcelona and Paris!), and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who appreciates history, adventure and a good run with a local!

Ciao, my friends!!!


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