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visualization & running

Okay, peeps.

I have a goal race coming up. And to say I have been nervous is an understatement. I so badly want to PR and its made the last few weeks of running uncessarily stressful. The training is done and now its time to relax, stretch and eat the carbs!

Fun stuff!

I am very lucky to be working with Marty from Be the Runner who walked me through a wonderful visualization technique that has really helped me calm down in this week before race day.

Basically, I have spent 5-10 minutes a day the last three days envisioning the race day experience. Walking through the "steps" in my mind of what it will feel like to wake up early race day morning, eat my breakfast, don my South Brooklyn Running club gear and make my way to the start line... what it will feel like to RACE through Prospect Park (where I am so used to training) and making my way across the Manhattan Bridge. I can't wait to feel tired and to trust my body to run as fast I can. I want to PR, but I also am entirely opening to just experiencing this race through my most favorite city in the entire world, and look so very forward to meeting my boyfriend at the end.

Per Marty's suggestions, I'm envisioning pitfalls - like my shoelace coming untied or simply just feeling not-fast-enough to push race pace. And I'm okay with these situations. I'm planning workarounds (like pinning my shoelaces so they don't come untied) and also just remembering that I've run races before at sub-race-pace and still felt like a dang boss on the finishline, because running a race and giving a race your all is always freakin' impressive.

Anyway, if you have not practiced visualization before, I highly recommend it. I've seriously calmed down a BOATLOAD just by spending a few minutes doing this the last few days.

The NYC Half this upcoming Sunday is going to be FUN! Are you running it? Have you practiced visualization before?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, want to join my little Pre-NYC Half Meet Up?? Some former clients and I are meeting up for breakfast on Saturday in Chelsea NYC and you're totally invited!


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