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What a Dietitian Eats

I'm officially on week three of training for the Ted Corbitt 15k! I am following the Hal Higdon Advanced Plan and feeling super good about! Running lots of miles, focusing on high rep/light lifting and incorporating speedwork... its always fun to have a TRUE GOAL. Since I ran this race last year, I am hoping to beat last year's PR!

All this running and training has made me ONE HUNGRY little lady. Let me tell ya something about me. I am 5'2," I am a woman and I'm not afraid to eat more than you. I let hunger ... not society, not my emotions...but true HUNGER dictate how much I eat. And when I'm training for PRs... you can bet homegirl can house some healthy, real food (and some treats!).


Breakfast: Pumpkin Pr'oatmeal (High Protien Oatmeal) with Black Coffee & Vital Protein Collagen

Ohhhh LAWDY, do I loveee me some breakfast! I tried intermittent fasting for a while (aka skipping breakfast), and it did NOT work for me. I love going to bed knowing I have a delicious, nourishing breakfast waiting for me. And I love waking up and starting my day with the energy to breed clear, focused thoughts and attention.

Eating breakfast on my fire escape makes me particularly joyful. This pr'oatmeal (high protein oatmeal! hehe!) was topped with pecans, pumpkin puree and apple sauce to celebrate the start of fall! Hooray to the end of sticky, awful humidity!


Snack: Mini Pizza Rounds

Leftover mini pizza rounds were my faveeee snack this week.

They're so savory, filling and easy to eat in just a few bites if you only have a few minutes to enjoy your snack.

When snacking I'll just eat one or two mini rounds... but I've also easily eaten three or four of these for dinner with a side of salad. They're so convenient and yummy serves hot or cold.. they made the perfect snack!!

I also keep Seapoint Farms Dried Edadame in my lab coat pocket for a high protein, high fiber superrr portables snack when I'm at work!


Lunch: Organic Quesadillas

Think you're too busy to meal prep a healthy lunch? Oh, then let me introduce you to my friends: Horizon Organic Mexican Style Shredded Cheese and Siete Food's Almond Flour Tortillas.

These quesadills takes less than a minute to assemble and are loaded with super duper healthy fats. We all have heard by now that fat is NOT bad for us... but a lot of times we forgete that its still important to pick the RIGHT kind of fats. Organic, grass-fed cheese is definitely one of those HEALTHY fats we should eat!

Yum. I could eat these all day... except they're super filling... so I actually cannot! :)


Dinner: Poppy's Chicken and Peas

Ohhhh, how I loveee me some succulent, moist chicken. Especially dark meat chicken. Yum.

Did the word moist just freak you out?? I don't get why people hate that word SO much. I love me some moist chicken and moist chocolate cake!!

This recipe is based off my grandfather's recipe ("Poppy's Chicken") and its seriously sooo easy and sooo delicious. I love that its a one pan meal because easy-to-make does not always mean easy-to-clean-up! Poppy was clearly an intelligent man. Sure, he'd make dinner for the family, but you could bet your bottom dollar he was not going to invest time in the clean-up!

And look at those potatoes. Colorful potatoes to fuel lots of miles through the colorful streets of Brooklyn! <3 This meal is a runner's dream! Protein, fat and carbs... all in one scrumptious pan!


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