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What does "normal" eating look like for a runner anyway?

First of all, it's not normal to be constantly hungry everyday.

It is normal to eat when you feel hungry instead of waiting until you are starving.

It's normal to eat before you feel hungry.

It's normal to eat before a workout to give yourself an energy boost.

It's normal to eat the whole plate...or not.

It's normal to skip veggies for the whole day!

And it's normal to crave a big salad.

The key to figuring out what's "normal" for you yourself permission to listen to your body.

There's no "scientifically proven" superior way of eating. Some peoples' bodies prefer to grazing while others prefer bigger long as you're eating doesn't really matter.

The reason eating "normally" feels so impossible is because we have been bombarded with rules, fear mongering and extreme messaging around food.

It gets to the point where it's almost like your brain and body do not speak the same language. Maybe your body is HUNGRY but your brain has shut off receiving the message (this is so common), and so you go way too long without eating. It leaves you tired, irritable, nauseous or depressed feeling...but because you don't understand your don't know how to fix it!

One of the FIRST tools you receive in Food Freedom Fit Fam is a 4 Question Framework that helps you learn how to reconnect your brain and your body so they're "speaking the same language." You suddenly gain so much insight into your health and how your body works - it feels enlightening!

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