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What if I'm not hungry?- Runners Eating Intuitively

Intuitive eating doesn't only mean eating when you're hungry.

Intuitive eating prioritizes self care above all else.

As a runner, you often have trouble feeling your hunger cues due to the stress of training. However, skipping meals will lead to poor energy, reduced ability to recover from workouts and crazy sugar cravings.

Which is why it's important to use elements of sports nutrition as an intuitive eater. Understanding sports nutrition prevents you from getting overly hungry, sore or tired. Which sounds like self-care, doesn't it?

If you are not hungry, try drinking! A smoothie, stew, cereals, yogurt parfaits or soup, they go down way easier. It could be anything of a more "puréed" or drinkable texture when your appetite is zapped. It makes it easier to sneak in the energy your body needs.

Food Freedom Fit Fam teaches runners how to unlearn diet rules, while still fueling like an athlete. Because when you eat like athlete, you feel like an athlete. It's a beautiful circle of self-care.

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