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What the scale tells you about your body

First let me say, I have never seen the scale serve you on your journey to health. I strongly encourage women who are starting a food freedom journey to avoid the scale because that number can really throw a wrench in you paying attention, honoring and listening to your body. When you step on the scale it has a ton of power over you... I mean, seriously, think about a time when you stepped on the scale and it didn't change your mood or how you think about your body?

I know though that runners love data! My running watch is my best friend! 😉 Data metrics like our pace, our heart rate, overall mileage.... it just gives me butterflies thinking about it!! And so it seems appealing to use a scale because it gives us data; another metric to track.

When you step on the scale and you see that the number has gone down, what are you truly learning about yourself?

What influences the scale besides fat loss:

  1. As a female runner you need to know about what the effect of having a hard work will have on the scale. When we do hard workouts we have micro-tears in our muscles and inflammation from lifting heavy weights or doing a speed workout. When the body is in recovery it holds onto more water to repair those micro tears and deal with the inflammation. This is called the "capillary leak" and it is NORMAL, but can lead to fluid retention!

  2. That poop in your colon 💩 weighs something, ya know!

  3. Dehydration can be another factor. When we are dehydrated and we haven't consumed enough water, we actually hold onto water!

  4. .... or over hydrated. You may also be holding onto water if you have over hydrated.

  5. You could be PMSing. At certain stages in our menstrual cycle we are holding onto more water.

This is why I encourage people to not step on the scale. It is useless information and it is disconnecting you from trusting your body. There are so many other things you can track that would be so much more helpful to you as a female athlete to help you in your performance.

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