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What to do about long run anxiety??

How do you know if you have long run anxiety?

- Have you been worrying about your long run all week?

- Have you felt nauseous or not hungry when you think about your run?

- How am I going to do this run it is so hot (or cold) outside?

- Last time it was shorter, how am I going to run 8 miles when I could barely do 6 miles last time?

These are normal thoughts to have around doing a long run! One way that has helped me when I was training for a marathon was to chunk it. What I mean by that is when I did my 20 mile run I would do a 5 mile loop 4 times. This helped me immensely with dealing with long run anxiety! You could also make 4 playlists or pick songs that will be the time you need to do your run so you can pace yourself through your playlist. Pick whatever will work best for you and stay within the mile you are in!

Another thing you can do is visualize yourself crushing your run! Our brains are powerful so instead of stressing about the run and thinking that you are going to get hurt or lost or something else bad. Picture yourself staying strong, standing upright, pumping your arms and moving your legs forwards and backwards. Imagine yourself feeling powerful! This will help you get ready for that long run!

You also need to be fueling on these long runs! You may not feel hungry because you are stressed about the run and feeling anxious about doing something new. You need to be fueling adequately for your run because when you do this you are nurturing your mood. When you are hungry you are going to be in a bad mood and start to get negative while you are on your run.

My last tip is music!!! Listen to something you haven't listened to in a while or a playlist you absolutely love. Or maybe do part of your run with a friend. These long runs are hard and finding a way to entertain yourself is going to be beneficial in making it more enjoyable!

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