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What to eat if you catch COVID while training for a race

Yikes. I cannot believe how many people have messaged me lately that their training is on pause because of COVID!!

Of course, I don't have a secret cure, but I can encourage ya to REST, HYDRATE & FUEL in a way that supports healing.

First of all, DON'T FREAK OUT!!! I know your race is the most important thing to you , but part of getting better faster means you need to REST. Instead of running or lifting: SLEEP. Sleep, rest, doze, nap & relax. Remember, relaxing is supposed to be restorative, and you can't do that if you're spending all your "relaxing time" worrying over your race.

If you recover in one to two weeks, I have confidence you'll be okay. When it's time to start running again, take it easy. Run/walk or run super slow. Give your body a few days to warm back up to running & maybe throw in some strides before your run.

If you're sick for longer than two weeks, you may need to adjust your expectations. You may want to run/walk your race, slow your time goal or drop down to a shorter distance...but guess what? It's not the end of the world because there are ALWAYS other races you can run in the future.

Drink up! Please sip and sip often. Water, broth, coconut water or an electrolyte rich sports drink are all great options. I know needing to pee when all you want to do is sleep is the WORST, but drinking will help you get better sooner!

You need to eat! Yes, you're moving less, but you're fighting an infection & need nutrients and calories to do so! Because its normal for your appetite to be zapped, I highly recommend drinking your calories and adding sources of vitamin C, zinc & omega 3 for recovery.

  • Try a homemade gazpacho (tomatoes are loaded with omega 3) with hemp seeds and olive oil sprinkled on top for calories & anti-inflammatory power

  • A fruit smoothie will be loaded with vitamin C. Add chia seeds for omega-3 & hemp seeds for protein and zinc.

  • Overnight oats with Greek yogurt for immune boosting probiotics, canned pumpkin for vitamin C & pumpkin seeds for zinc

  • Refried beans are loaded with zinc and you can easily shovel in calories by adding shredded cheese & add vitamin C by topping them with cabbage slaw. If you can muster the energy, try eating this as a dip with carrot chips or tortilla chips.

  • Chicken noodle soup loaded with carrots & any other veggies for vitamin C and some extra olive oil stirred in for calories. Extra points if you can throw chickpeas in there for some zinc.

Supplements should always be reviewed with your doctor & have some evidence to support that they MAY help (but will not cure) COVID.

  • omega 3 fish oil

  • zinc

  • vitamin C

  • probiotics

All I can say is that I hope you're better soon.... remember that you run to be the healthiest version of yourself... and you can't get healthy if you're fighting through sickness and running! You'll be better before you know it, and then you can chase your next running goal... but for now.... rest, relax, eat, drink & be well <3

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