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Why are you soooo hungry all the time??

Do you find that you are hungrier than your partner? Do you find that you are hungrier than all your friends? Is that a difficult experience for you, where you don't want to be the hungriest one in the room?

What if I told you that you should be eating at a minimum twice the amount that you think you need to be eating. 🤯 Mind blowing, right? So when you start to learn what hunger feels like in your body and you are actually listening it can feel scary! It's scary because you were taught that you only need a certain amount of calories or only allowed yourself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing else.

A lot of the time the answer to the question, "Why am I so hungry?" is because you are not eating enough at your meals. I had a client tell me that she used to get angry with her body when she would feel hungry. She would tell her body "I can't eat yet" or "you aren't supposed to be hungry yet." But really you should be thankful, this is your body's way of communicating with you. So instead of getting annoyed or angry with your body when you feel hunger it is so important to treat your body like a teammate. Try to honor that hunger or craving, the more times you do this the more your will communicate with you what it needs.

So why are you so hungry? It doesn't really matter why, what matters is how you honor it. If you want some more tips then tune into our FREE podcast, Food Peace Please on Itunes or by clicking here.


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