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Why food freedom and sports nutrition are important for you!

Hey runner friend! So imagine with me that it is race day and you are on the starting line getting ready and you are just so proud of yourself because this race is going to be are feeling so confident because you have a fueling strategy that is going to make you feel strong and faster than ever!

What makes this race different than others in the past?

You know its not just about the fueling during the race. You know that your day to day nutrition these last few months have been setting you up and supporting your body in making those adaptations to your training. The whole reason you have this confidence is because you have learned to think like a sports dietician. When you understand how to honor your body and follow the science to fuel it is going to look very different than what and how much you have been told to eat in the past.

This is why my clients are on a food freedom journey, you not only need to know how to fuel your body but you need to completely change your mind around food. I have noticed that women tend to not let themselves eat a pre-workout snack and then also take some of those calories from dinner. So when my clients start with me we are working on giving ourselves permission to eat until we are full and to understand how to talk to our bodies.

When you are well fed and not chronically in a state of under fueling, your brain and nervous system calm down and you feel present in your day to day life. This food freedom journey does not only improve your running performance but also improves the quality of your life when you are no longer worrying about when you next meal will be and how much you can eat. Doesn't that sound amazing?

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