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your metabolism is like a kitchen sink

knowing when your body is best able to burn bread without hurting metabolism is a SECRET i love SHARING!

Okay. You have more in common with your kitchen sink THAN YOU EVEN KNOW.


I’ll tell you why. Because your metabolism is JUST like that dang sink that you use every single day.

When was the last time you washed dishes in your sink? I don’t have a dishwasher (hello NYC LIVING for the win!), so the answer to that question for me would be every. single. day, but hopefully that’s not the case for you. Even still, you’re familiar with how the sink works, yes? You run water and the water drains out of the sink. You can run the water for however long, and the water will drain.

Right? Well, as long as it isn’t clogged. Ah-hah! Correct!


That’s how metabolism works. A healthy metabolism can regulate your bodyweight at your healthy, internal set point, without any need to count calories or control calorie intake. Your dynamic, incredible body is able to keep you at a healthy body weight long as you keep that drain unclogged!

But what does that even meannnn?

It means that knowing how to choose foods that protect your “sink from getting clogged” will keep you trim and lean. And lucky for us runners, the always hungry runners, those very foods that keep our sink clog-free, also help us stay fuller longer (cause LORD KNOWS long runs don’t help our hungry cause). Long distance running can actually damage metabolism, since it increases the stress hormone, cortisol, in our body. Cortisol messes up sugar metabolism and can contribute to fat stores on your midsection. So, its super important as runners, that we control appetite hormone and metabolism with a healthy diet.

Lucky for you, I am teaching my fave always hungry runners how to stop feeling hungry ALL. THE. TIME during training (and how to fix metabolism) at two FREE events in the next few weeks.

You can meet me in person in NYC on March 27th at 6:30pm at the New York Road Runner's RUNCENTER by registering here. Its totally free ... and how amazing would it be to hang out in person?!

For those of you who can't swing by NYC for an in-person event, that's okay!! Let's hang out online during my webinar at 7pm EST on April 2nd. This 60 minute webinar will answer ALL of your questions about training nutrition. Register today!


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