serena marie, rd

If you came to this page looking for a nutritionist, you may be disappointed to see that I'm a "RD." But before ya run for the hills, let me explain! A registered dietitian-nutritionist (RD) is simply a nationally certified nutritionist. After studying Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, I studied at Yale New Haven Hospital where I completed my dietetic internship through an affiliate program with Yale School of Medicine.


While studying to be a dietitian, I feel even deeper in love with running. I started podcasting with Kari Gormley of The Running Lifestyle Show Podcast in 2015 and quickly realized that even after high school, the running community stays alive and well.

As I started working with clients, I realized that food is powerful. Namely, real food is real powerful and can help runners succeed and excel in their journey for greatness. I realized that runners with their demanding training schedules benefit from focusing on food quality to fight inflammation, injury and to help with recovery.

My counseling approach focuses on introducing more healthy foods and healthy habits to replace the unhelpful choices you were making before. As old habits are replaced with healthier ones, you'll easily transition to a healthier lifestyle and experience the benefits of weight loss, faster times and improved performance.

So let's do this thing.

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