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Drinking Slim - Alcohol & Your Waistline

After my post about bloating & overindulging, a lot of folks reached out to get some info on alcoholic beverages. Yeah, sure, we all know alcohol is not good for us. We all know that those who are serious about weight loss SHOULD NOT be imbibing. But we also all live in the real world where alcohol may sometimes be unavoidable, or even a choice we want to make. That's okay. I'm never here to judge.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I am not the food po'po'. Keep your eyes on your own plate and keep on keepin' on. Judgment and criticism (of others or of your own body) does not do anyone any good.

So let's talk about it. Let's talk about alcoholic bevvies and which ones are lowest calorie. And let's remember that alcohol is NOT healthy. This isn't a post about which alcoholic beverages will contribute to robust health, but simply me helping those of you who are going to drink either way with making healthier choices.

The key to saving on calories is to choose lower calorie liquors such as tequila or vodka, mix with calorie-free mixers (water, La Croix, seltzer) or to dilute wine seltzer. Remember that club soda actually contains sugar!!

Lower Calorie Alcoholic Beverages

1. Truly Spiked Sparkling - This brand of spiked seltzer has only 100 calories, 5% alcohol content and tastes pretty dang good! Personally, I hate sweet drinks, so the lime is my fave!

2. Vodka, Water, Lemon & a Lime - This is my "go - to" cocoktail. One shot of vodka (1.5 oz) has about 90 calories.

3. Tequila, Seltzer, & a Lime - Tequila has about 70 calories in a shot making it the lowest calorie hard alcohol.

4. Vodka (1.5 oz), Flavored Seltzer with a Slice of Cucumber - Well...does this count as getting a serving of veggies? This is about 90 calories.

5. White or Red Wine (4 oz) with Seltzer (Wine Spritzer) - Bubbles make the alcohol go to your head a bit quicker while saving you on calories. Stick to 4 oz of wine and a calorie- free seltzer to enjoy a 100 calorie beverage.

6. Pampelonne- These 120 calorie pre-mixed wine spritzers are light and refreshing. Perfect for the wine-o who still wants to look fine-o in a bathing suit!

7. Use a splash of juice - This may seem obvious, but instead of vodka-cranberry, try a splash of cranberry juice and use water or seltzer to dilute the rest. A little sugar goes a long way!

PS- I'm not intoxicated in those pictures above... simply being my silly ole' self. Just keepin' it real!

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