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The Rules to Dining Out without the Guilt

Let’s talk about dining out since we are all doing it anyway. Other than a stockpile of fruit, Ostrim bars and Busy Bars, I’ve been eating out every meal while away in Spain on holiday. This little lesson is balance has totally kept my calorie intake in check while still allowing me tons of flexibility to enjoy every eating experience.

It’s simple. Enjoy the meal for the special parts of the meal. What I mean by this is enjoy the food you order. Eat it slowly. Savor it. Have a bite, put your fork down and make conversation with your companion or survey your surroundings. Live in your present moment and let the experience of your meal be a part of that moment.

Enjoy foods that are special. Don’t just eat the bread or the leftovers from your loved one’s plate simply because they’re there. Choose the foods that your body and soul are craving. Leave the bread behind. It tastes like bread. In most restaurants, it’s not worth it (of course there may be exceptions!). Balance your choices. I like to think of the balance in three components. Choose one of the following 1. The bread basket/Appetizer 2. Alcohol 3. Dessert

You probably visited the restaurant for a specific reason. Maybe they make the best cocktails, maybe you love their entree selection or live for their dessert. Whatever it is, you have the power to keep the meal balanced and in *your* control. You have the power to choose to indulge in dessert but pass on the bread and beer. Keeping a handle on this “power” is the utmost important to maintaining a healthy mindset. More important than what you eat at the restaurant itself is how you feel after the dining experience. If you feel like you were in control of your meal, however indulgent, it will be easy to jump right back into making healthy choices going forward. How do you like to balance your plate when eating out? 

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